Poland, Sopot, Opera Lesna 2006, Taniec z Gwiazdami

While making a funny movie we've met Julia from TVP1 and she took me to Opera Lesna in Sopot for the show called "Taniec Gwiazdami". I had a chance to have a look who is the polish celebrity now. It's been 2 and a half years since I moved to UK and I must say I totally have lost my knowledge about polish showbusiness. I guess this post is only for polish people living in Poland, Enjoy!.


Somebody 1 (anyone can help me to recognize?)

Yes, she's got a style

Somebody 2 ( I think it's young Kwasniewska and Somebody 2)

Hubert Urbanski, Jury and Somebody 3 and 4

Somebody 6 and 6

Everybody is somebody

But the director is watching you

Somebody 7, forgot the name

Somebody 8 and 9


At Ludwig Cichosz small business

In Spatif