Poland, Sopot, Freaking out with my best dudes from Noc w Trojmiescie

The Party was phat, most of the pictures were taken by Kowik's camera. I'll upload them later. Be warned:) At the meantime...

My dad, good looking bloke, before he makes a mime in my family flat in Gdansk.

That's why I don't watch TV, excluding World Cup:)

Kowik and Perry in my lovely aunt's famous flat in Sopot.

Me and Kowik.

Perry and Kowik old school posing.

Freak out!

I don't steal apart from movies, music and wireless connection.

Kowik's WHITE trousers after nite in Sopot.

Jestem polak maly. I like...

...eating ice creams and gofrys:)

Tell me is it difficult to be a mime? Do you think I could try?

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