London, Whitechapel, Salsa, Buddhism, rain

Whitechapel, You can take a bus and go 30 minutes toward east to be in totally new place, that's what makes London such an exciting city.

Strangers everywhere

Kinga, with her great sense of joy, dancing salsa.

One of the best salsa classes I've been so far, with a great teachers full of joy and passion.
If you are in London go and visit funky, old skul website and shake your bottom:)

Latin dudes are watching a dancefloor

London's rain on Bricklane

Posing 1

She makes me feel happy, studying basics of Buddhism is so exciting

Dancing in the rain with happiness

If you look carefully you will see loads of interesting people from all around the world.


  1. c o n g r a t u l a t i o n,greats and beautifull pics.Ruddy

  2. Pictures look great! Shows a different aspect of the countries you've visited! its raw! keep up the good work!


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