London, West London, Kinga Buddystka and Almodovar

Developing your taste.

There are four basic rules of Buddhism... It's very interesting and very close to my common sense as a catholic.

Yes we are still in London, zone 1.

Not in the Hyde park ok?

Meeting Pan Samochodzik (Mr car)

With the big fans of Pedro Almodovar after seeing "Volver". It was alright, good acting, good pictures, great music, but not very engaging for me. Not as good as "Talk to her", which is my favorite. I'd say "Bad education" was a bit boring as well. Any other good Spanish directors?

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  1. Hi there, we have been looking through your photos, they are very exciting - you have an eye for interesting scenes. I run a travel blog and would very much appreciate it if you sent us a picture or two so that we could post on our site. Pictures that were really top notch were, "Maurice House", "Good to have friends in the city- the guy", "the entrance to that mall with the bluish arches over it", the little red car, the punks with the lighting behind them, "talking about art", when the music is over - amazing" and "somebody 8 and 9" Anything along those lines with a paragraph of description and your personal experience would be a great adition to our site. Mick


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