London, West End, Soho and Wine on top of London

Being antiglobalist is never easy:)

"We need to will kill them all, but first let's drink some coke, I'm so thirsty"

Stairways to hell

Love amour is often unemployed in London.

But who cares...

Let's chill out.

There are so many beauties in the city.

Wanna sushi?

Old skul Vinyls?

Some movie?

or some fun?

with the easteuropean laleczkas

Some places are really cozy

at the end of dead alley

Fancy a ride, only 20 quid?

To survive in a jungle, you need to look at this from a certain perspective. Good to share your time with someone smart and cute.

Cheerio, Zdrowko [Zdrufko] (please don't learn Na Zdrowie - it's in Russian or in very official polish - boring word)

Good to have friends in the city I do really love!


  1. dude, widzialam Was w Spatifie w tych perukach. niezle bylo ;-)

  2. Dude, zapraszam do sekcji my movies, tam zobaczysz prawdziwe oblicze Afromanow;)


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