London, Thames Festival

In London movies are taken everywhere, on the plan of James Bond 11 in front of Bank of London

Who knows where it is?

Fancy a boat trip

Budgieman is a star, this guy made me happy, so funny, so cool. Come to Tate Modern to watch Budgieman and his mates!

I love dancing. Like in Leonard Cohen's song dancing to the end of love:) New York Style. Look at them!

Funky freak. Zed is dead baby, Zed is dead:)

Bartek and Rudy like each other in a special way:) I need to think twice before we start making a movie:) Rudy... Remember about Friday? I will hold you to that...

Another reason to love London, if you think that everything you see first was an idea in someone's mind...

All that Jazz.

All that beer, polish beer drinking in polish way.


  1. Your fountain picture is hugely creative.

  2. I'm one of the Travelnet team and we have been going through your pictures. You are an artist there is no doubt about that and you've been to the right places. We could enjoy much more of this.


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