London, The last night before Kowik missing the plane

In dodgy pub full of local gizzas in Angel we were watching Chelsea and Liverpool performing well in Champions League. Congrats Drogba. You were a real star even if your manager play cold. More hattricks please.

Not everybody loves footie.

Free jazz in famous Cafe1001 on Bricklane.

In Big Chill mustache rulez.

And at he Vibe Bar, the 3rd must-see dj-bars on Bricklane.

Taxi, taxi, minicabs, I like your mustache.

I'm the only Spanish gizza in London, be careful with the camera.

Bye Kowik, Promise, If I knew you miss the plane, I'd wake you up.

In the city, someone has to count your money so you can party and travel.

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  1. Keep with the good work!


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