London, The day before party holidays

I'm going to Sopot tomorrow for 10 days. For these unfamiliar with the East-European clubbing culture imagine Ibiza (Aibisia) of East Europe with bloody cheap drinks, free entry to most of the clubs, pretty girls, white sand and dancing crowds. You can see some photos in my PhotoStory (gallery 4 - Sopot my home) or see our cult movies about partying in Gdansk/Sopot here.

Let's watch this again and TURN YOUR SPEAKERS ON LOUDLY:

Some office messenger stories at my last day:

[16:14] F: funny, Minos came to me to say something and he farted, it smelled, and I said:

Filip: you farted?
Minos: Am I fucked?
Filip: no you farted
Minos: no I didn't
Filip: yes don't be shy, there is nobody around
Minos: yes actually I did

[16:15] F: and he got red:)
[16:15] Ash: excellent, nice one

Minos: In Wales that means we must be good friends:)
Filip: cause yes we are

[16:17] F: Ash, enjoy your bulldog madness:), on Wednesday
[16:17] Ash: hehe, i love it!
[16:18] F: if they organised Eurovision in 2007 u would stay wouldn't you?
[16:18] Ash: hehe, of course!
[16:18] F: hahah ok cool have a good
[16:18] Ash: i will do Fil - you enjoy your holiday

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