Scotland, Edinburgh, Meeting Kevin Smith

I did that! I've met my hero. Don't ask me how. All tickets were sold out and I didn't give up!. This is just me!

On the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh

Meeting friendly sweet as Canadian backpacker on the bus. Canadians are like that. If I marry someone from North America it will be Canadian:)

Bad look means good luck!

Scottish mates, and neverending stories about favorite movies! I've finally just met someone who like proper movies, not a crap blockbuster. Where are you all people?

They deserve lots of respect...

She was so friendly. Unbelievable, she was an Australian, hmmm.

Gotttttt ittt! Yeah!

Look at the queue, they all love this 35 years old guy from Jersey who make our life happier and funnier.

Don't ask my how:)

Silent Bob at it's best. What a funny and chilled guy.

Kevin we love you for who you are and what you do!

Bye, bye Edinbra:)

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  1. Wow, it's great that You had a chance to see Smith!!! I've just seen Clerks 2, I've browsed comments on and somehow I've found this website:D
    Nice pictures, not only form Edinburgh but generelly. Some day I'd like to see that city...:) and at the moment greeting frim Wrocław:)


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