Scotland, Edinburgh, Almost face to face with Kevin Smith

I'm in Edinburgh, and I'm enjoying my trip a lot. I'll upload some pictures when I'm back. I'm also very unlucky cause all tickets to met Kevin Smith are sold out! I'm so unhappy, to be so close to meet my hero. But it's on Saturday so I'll see if I can get there in back doors. Anyway I've been on interview with a smart guy from movie industry in UK, unfortunately I can't remember his name. But it was cool to be among all people involved in movie business, talking about Hollywood, myspace, French movies and new channels of distribution.

Edinburgh is cool, zillions of shows, theatres, musicals, comedies, street artists, some of them are the same that I saw in London. You can easily feel the spirit of the biggest art event in the world. I's not easy to make a decision what to see. Scots seems cool people, with good sense of humour. Their accent is not that bad, I'd say it's very funny.

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  1. Filip, I have been avidly following your blog, You are an aspiring actor?


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