London, Thames Path

Yes we all are:)

I don't know who's that buddy but who cares, he looks cool in black

English marketing geniuses made this building famous, but why this one?

That's the one thing I always wanted to do.

and one day when I get older I'll fly with the London Eye.

The Master of the break dance on the Thames Path

Classic view. The beach seems a bit doggy, I like it though.

Filip, where we are?, I feel like somewhere by the polish lake in Kaszuby?

African root musicians are everywhere and they are happy people indeed!

London is open for all sports activity like, climbing on the bridge, running under tunnels;)

At the end of the day you can pray, but not inside,

or just admire blue lights in the pink mood.

Let's dance. Shall we call David Bowie?

Some people bulid a wooden robot at their free time .


  1. Let's dance, put your red shoeas and dance the blues Fill

  2. I think that "dude" in the other photo is Robert Baden-Powell. He's the guy who started the Scout movement.




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