London, New Friends, Old Friends

Life on the boat. Is Willy Wharton alive?

That guy rocks, the ministry of stupid steps?

My Tuesday newspapers

All kids are usually awesome

Welcome to London where tradition mixes with the future

zheng4 fu4 li4

You talking to me?

Na potege gwiezdnego czerepu

Justi Hood

We are family

My Elli Lama is a very talented poet. I like this part:
"...sailing between your tights
breathing in tomorrow with you
stealing blue tulips..."

You can read more here

Kak tiebia zawod Eli

Her life is on the fasttrack:

Welcome to the hostel on the street

Shall we dance

Dude, stop talking just take me a photo

The elevator or the lift?

Toya, Toya, her mom was a model!

I've not seen you for ages

How good is to stay in touch

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  1. Oh, you like Willy Wharton! (alley cat & old lyon in "Pride"! and "Dad" and mostly "Birdy"!)
    I've read he lives in an old mill in south France...


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