London, My bike has gone

Yep, I was a lucky 2 days owner of the bike. It's just vanished when I was celebrating Jola's birthday. It was actually quite interesting Monday, I was planning Tuesday on the bike, thinking about new roads to discover. But my bike was stolen. Some say past is a history future is a mystery and it's truth. Who cares what happened an hour ago. What's next that counts.

So I went to Camden to get another pair of vintage trousers and few funky Hawaiian shirts. Later on I went partying with my mates from Gdansk to the polish club Corks. I was very bad, so bad that I couldn't have stand it for. The music was so crap that I can't remember myself so embarrassed. And these blond bad dressed girls with no sense of humour. I much prefer Thursdays when you can listen to some cheesy disco polo sounds. And the disk jockey is shit as well, but at least he listen to some polish crap music, so you can have a good time laughing at the lyrics.

Tonite I’m going to Kully’s birthday. Hopefully it will be a good evening!

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