London, Happy Monday with no reason

Life is such a gift, you win you loose how my mate steve used to say. One day you feel a bit down, but you wake up in the next morning and you realise that you feel much greater then ever. It's so fascinating how our life is waving. I'd like to have enough knowledge to understand that. Do I really have to go to India or switch to Buddhism to learn it and use it? I've got no reason to feel good, but circumstances I've encountered make me feel happy. I've managed to repair a guestbook script in php/flash thanks to my mates, I've bought a syrup and the paracetamol which made me feel ok. I've met an old friend from Sopot, and we had a funny interesting conversation about life in London and how much we are missing Sopot's beach but obviously we are not going to come back and live there. Then my brother called me that he had a mobile number to my old friend who is staying for a week in London. I've had a great cheap Thai Red curry Chicken. And basically made new friend from Grono, but also lost one. What a life. I've got a call from my lovely Indian friend Kully. She finally left her job, and felt happier. We might be going traveling together, who knows. At least someone beautiful who speaks Hindu. I'm about to leave to Sports Cafe with my brother and his girlfriend soon. I know that will be cheese night and music sucks there. But who cares. Al west end is very tacky and touristy, but I'd like the feel and vibe of West End, life is so temporary, so unpredictable, so valuable. I'm sending you all good vibes and handshakes.

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