London, Fruitstock 1 and Camden Town After Party

Maciej buys only in polish shops and the only polish products:)

I was a very good band

They deserved loads of applause

Keep going guys

This month we are drinking water

And Jola is so innocent

I love outdoor clubbing , I wanna go to Ibiza

Kids are beautiful

And not only them:)

I am feeling touched again

Yeaaaahhhh, I'm not a freak, I'm paying my bills

Whazzz up

Arrested development strikes back

Did you call me?

AAA, Everyday people, skrabbubida

And illegal gig in the middle of the park

Best kebabs ever, this guy is kebab magician

Polish-BlackEnglish neightborhood, we all live in peace and smoke:)

That was a night, camden night

Mocny overdrunk and had to...

... be taken to the Police station

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