London, Friday at WestEnd

Leicester Square, How funny is watching kids chasing pigeons.

Kully, Indian girl born in Leeds, one of the most intelligent english spoken woman I've met. She's very smart and cute. Anytime we meet I learn something new.

What are you drinking Filip?

Promise me that you will come to my birthday. I'll Kully!

And time to say Hello to Taiwanians (I've got drunken face:):
= We know your are Polish
- So What?
= What you do?
- I make movies
= Oh really? I'm an actress? What kind of movies?
- Funny movies with mullets:)

If you want to be a good actress, you better know what mullet is:)

Never fight with a boyfriend on the phone

Young Jimmies Pages

London by night: One sexy belly dancer attracts more tourist that anything else.

I can't believe someone gave me 20 quid! Guys we are reach, Let's play everynight!

In Walkabout you need to narrow your senses to survive

Not every musician makes money on the street

At worse we can always call the friends

Point 101, good house music, very touristy

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