London, Crazy Tuesday everywhere and nowhere

It's all started at Korean

I like Asian lounge style

And Korean Frisbee

Helo, What youl you like to drink? I know Guss Hiddink is training Russa but we've got quite a strong team anyway. Do you still remember 0:2?

After seefood. Run, Niki run

Fancy refreshment?

They're taking a cab on Oxford street, posh bustards:)

Welcome to the Ice bar

Guys what do you drink?

Ice Bar is not that bad

With good work mates

Help me I'm getting blue

No worries Fil, watch the birdie

I want to be Walt Disney, hibernated for 12 quid in London, quite cheap.

Lads, it's time to go. Filip take a shot of my cool bag from 80ties.

Hola Sinioritas, I'm back to life

They're going to the top of the famous library.

where you can enjoy BBen views, design books and fresh american coffee

My mates and their geeks' devices

Say hello to boring dress code in Bank

Art, builders, and history

Funky drivers are everywhere

Halo Ella, how u doing? When u quit smokin'?

Sounds like a plan?

London might be quite impressive

Even in a dull pub

And at the midnight

Time to say hello to my funky friends: Aian and Gee

That's what u get in London, people from everywhere

And chilling buses back home

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