London, Comedy Show

Believe me or not but a good English sense of humour might be as good as the Polish one and even better then a good American one. Thanks to my lovely friend Eli y-day I've been invited to the English Comedy Show. It's kind of cabaret but with the only one comedian on the stage dressed like regular guy from the street. I've had a great laugh. It's been my first time and now I know how much I missed. It was absolutely brilliant. These guys on the stage rock. I wish to see Limo from Gdansk on the Stage in London.

My Holborn traffic, way to work

London for everyone

Thanks to these ladies I've seen my 1st comedy show

That guy was awesome "Maybe I've got a small dick but big personality:)"

Eli knows the fun, she looks here like Diane Keaton in her 20ties.

You talking to me?

Yo baby, wanna drink with uncle Fil?

That guy was taking the piss out of Welch, English, Irish, Aussies, everybody:) Thanks God we didn't admit we are from Ukraina:)

That guy pretended birds' talk - wicked

Daniel, Jola, You know I love you

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