London, Brixton with M.Franti and Xavier Rudd

I like Brixton, it's a pity is so bloody far from where I live. Anybody from Brixton wants to invite me?

My favorite pub in London, and the only one where I can stay more then 5 min without being bored. Lively people, my parents loved that.

My First trip this year to Lisbon, awesome hostel and Michael Franti and Spearheads playing all day long, while I was sleeping in living room with the fireplace and full of young backpackers from US. I wanted to know who is this guy, how he plays. Kind of sentimental trip... but...

Before Franti played Xavier Rudd, and he made the most of this evening. He was so good that he suppose not to be allowed to be a support to any band, he was too good. One guy amusing 1000 people swinging and dancing to his life music better then with any boring dj in glamorous club.

So then Michael Franti started to play and... he's been just alright or rather his band , very average band. Maybe If I wasn't a musician I'd believe that they are ok, but they very predictable like another soup opera. So I left before they finished. ... Ups I'm listening them on myspace and must say they are wicked, maybe they are not that strong on life stage.