London, Polish Community Center

I've met 2 cool blokes from Gdansk few days ago. We went on Friday to "Polish Eagle" the worse Polish club you can imagine so far. We were acting as we were English, Dutch and Australian until Zbigniew a 40 years old Casanova with a rounded belly came to us and said in Polish that we need to stop fooling people cause he can recognize our accent from miles. Zbigniew was smart, he even introduced himself as Zbigniew, 40 years old man who's got a sister. Apart from the very bad music we've seen many polish chavs, few foreigners and plenty blond tinted hair cheeks with aggressive face look.

It's weird that being in London I figured out that I fancy discovering places where I'd never go being in Poland. As Bartek, a dude from Gdansk, say you will probably never met in one place so many poles from village then here. That's truth. You just can't believe you're in London. It's like a bad dream you know it will finish soon, but not sure exacly when it will happen. With a positive mood and ready to discover more miracles On Saturday we decided go to Hamersmith to the Polish community center. As a result of our trip to the famous building from early 60ties are few photos and hundred of inspirational scenes which we're going to cover in the new movie about polish community in London. Imagine ballroom taken from 60ties, cheesy music of the local hero Krzysztof Krawczyk - Elton John of Poland, just look at the pictures otherwise it's difficult to describe...

Lazy, lazy Sunday. I was chilling on my bed trying to make myself to do something constructive. I can tell you it's such a hard job to fight with yourself. I can't remember when I've had so much free time, and so few ideas about what to do in my free time. I guess one of the reason is my constant dry cough which is a real pain. It's been a week since I've been last time to the outdoor swimming pool. Shit happens. So imagine what I did, I prayed, yes I did that. Finally and after few seconds I turned on my pc, and I'm blogging about what is going on. Yes prayer and coffee works for me, maybe it's temporary but it does. I feel so energized.

Welcome to the Hammersmith

West has always been different to East

Security dog

Scianka Placzu

Domowe ogloszenia

W drodze do Posku

Pani za Lada


Tuz po w wojnie, z Bronkiem...

Goloneczka palce lizac

W Beretach nie wpuszczamy

Lubu dubu

Elegancki stroj galowy

Wieza bijesz gonca, Wlodzimierzu

Co za architektura

Panowie znamy sie malo

Najazd Albancow

Bedzie dym

Oj, co ja zrobilem

Hehe, nie takie rzeczy tu sie dzialy, pewnego razu murzyn...

Mike, I guess these cheeks in the shop with the blond hair must be Polish

Z nami taniej

Tu tez mozna podjesc

Nie ma jak outdoor drinkin'


  1. Man, I have to disagree with you... Krzysztof Krawczyk is 100% macho heterosexual guy with haired chest - Elton John is none of the above :)

  2. Haha, you right buddy. Krawczyk has got loads of women in his colorfull life:)

  3. That what you can see on the pictures seems to be unreal ha? I mean if you ever been to Poland, at least you know it is not like that now. But, situations, people (specially geezer in a gipsy shirt) interiors are taken straight from the 60's. They still live back then. Few youngsters below 40 came to visit, but the strict dress code says: no trainers, no jeans! That is posh, even the bouncer is in his mid 50's - so generally they pretend they're stylish, but is "kiszak" stylish? Donno. But probably, when Saturday night comes, the fever starts, everything changes, even Bronek looks hot;)We will find out soon about that. We were not ready yet, too deep water for us now. However, there are still loads of things to explore in this city for us, it is easier to achieve our plans about showing Polish community here. There are all in one place, from North, South, East, West of Poland, ready to chat, some of them after triple vodkas;)So, is this music really Polish girls?;) Bartek.

  4. i saw it. i laught about it. when i come to visit lndon i have to check this spot. god damn, one "kiszak" for 25p. it,s a crime!!!

  5. p.s. some people says that i look almost like Krzysiu:) ask them:)


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